woensdag 21 juni 2017


We are completing this Solstice Passageway and anchoring phase for all new higher dimensional timelines and further materialization and implementation of a "bigger picture" here. For me, I have a beyond huge project that began in January and continues even now... It's to complete the writing out of processes necessary for each of us to bring forth more Heaven on Earth and further form our Galactic Civilizations here. It comes through in increments as it's "loaded" (integrated) into our own Universal Body Templates .... In January/February it was the Schematics, in March/April the "Implementation Processes", this week the "Grand Design" ... meanwhile we continue the other gazillion things we do in every dimension still.... So as you can see, it takes awhile for these "biggies" ... :) There is a lot that has to occur for us to accomplish everything. All of the "pieces of the parts" have to converge in the physical. This occurs as each person finally steps forth to fulfill their own Soul's purposes here. They step forth when we vibrate into that reality. Both occur simultaneously here.   

dinsdag 20 juni 2017



This recent Light Encoded Gateway has opened up collectively for more access to all new timelines by each. We've entered into Expedited Askashic Clearings, Thoth/Halls of Amenti access and Godhead abilities for BEFORE CREATION too. This has been available to/by Forerunner Gatekeepers continually holding these highest encodements from within, and anchoring these Christed frequencies in their own body templates and holding these NEW EARTH Constructs in place. The entire gridwork/gate system has synchronized with Gaia/Galactically and Crystalline/Christed BEings physical bodies for all to link up too, and become of part of further anchoring these higher timelines in the physical together and from within each one of you. :)

maandag 19 juni 2017

Energie Opwaardering: Het Goddelijke Samengaan van Ons Authentieke Zelf via ....... / door Diane Canfield / 17 juni 2017

Energie Opwaardering:
Het Goddelijke Samengaan van Ons Authentieke Zelf via Ziel Fragmenten die Terugkeren.
door Diane Canfield / 17 juni 2017

Dierbare Geliefden,
We komen vandaag om je te vertellen over het Goddelijke Samengaan van ons authentieke zelf dat in het NU plaats vindt. Wat betekent dit en hoe ziet het eruit? 
De energie opwaarderingen die in de kortgeleden tijd binnenkwamen (in de laatste 2 weken) zijn heel subtiel maar heel krachtig in hun manifestatie. 
De energie is verbonden aan de Zonnewende van 21 juni die een Poort Gebeurtenis is van Goddelijk Samengaan. Deze golven liefkozen delicaat onze zielen en herinneren ons er dagelijks aan wie we WERKELIJK zijn. Ze laten ons zien waar we van het spoor afgingen en wenken ons zachtjes om terug te gaan op het spoor en in het werkelijke/echte te gaan van onze ZIELEN.

Awakened Living : Why I do NOT Date Men and hold my sexuality ~ Human Awakening

zondag 18 juni 2017






 ~ Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The West coast Gateway for the eclipse passage was initiated on Thursday June 8, and fully opened on Friday June 9 with Full Moon Gridworker ceremony on the Oregon coast. Gratitude to those who participated in this opening, both in the physical and the etheric. The passage was opened right at the point where the eclipse path touches land and begins to cross the USA.
Perhaps you noticed the shifting of energies as this Gate amplified over the last week. The eclipse pathway and its metaphoric reflection of the higher unfoldments was immediately apparent. I saw the pathway blasting open, and connecting to the eclipse exit point in South Carolina. East coast Gatekeepers, gather and do the same Now. You’ll need more than three HUmans (we had 13) to open it properly, as the eclipse represents unification across all levels of consciousness.

zaterdag 17 juni 2017

The "Collective Division" of Lower Vibrational "Old" Earth and Higher Vibrational Lighter Density NEW Earth Continues ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

There is a pronounced division that occurs when one is ready to "move" (transition over) fully from Old Earth to NEW. This is a full-body transition that starts with access through expanded consciousness first. This is called Physical Body Ascension. Those who do not choose this in this physical incarnation will transcend the physical by leaving the body vessel and returning to the Unified Field of Consciousness.

One's Soul does not need to evolve, it IS fully evolved. It is PURE SOURCE LIGHT. One's human is what evolves. Each is here to clear/cleanse/transcend all human'ness/ego separation and distortions of unconsciousness held deep within.